Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've got answers!
Here is some information and tips to help make your Virtual or In-Person Gala experience amazing!
Please email Linda at if you need any help!

login to this site early to view sneak previews and videos

*Bidding Information for Both In-Person and Virtual Galas*

How will we bid on those amazing trees/items this year? ALL attendees (both in-person and Virtual)  will bid on items online. You will receive a text with your bid number, no later than November 15th. Go to and put in your bid number to starting bidding (early) on December 1st. You will receive a text when you are outbid

All bidding closes at 9:30 PM on Saturday, December 4, 2021

Is Bidding Easy?
Bidding is super easy! as noted above, you can view all the items starting on December 1 at . Start bidding early on the ones you love. You will receive a text when you are outbid. You can also set up a maximum bid on any item. Bidding tip** Use the Menu dropdown to view items by category, items are much easier to find this way! PLEASE NOTE: if you did not choose to save your credit card when purchasing your ticket, you will need to enter a credit card number before you can begin to bid. This will make check out go smoothly!

How will I know if I won an item?
You will receive a text by 9:45 PM on December 4th stating what items you won/ purchased with instructions about how to make a payment.

How do I pay for items I won, items I purchased, or donations?
You will see a red checkout button on the landing page once the auction is closed. There, you will see all the auction items you won, items purchased, and your donations. Pay right from your phone! Your credit card will be in the system for easy checkout. If you prefer to pay by check, please email Linda at

Where and When do I pick up items I won/purchased?
If you are In-Person and win items, you should take them home with you that evening. If you are attending the Virtual Gala and you win items(s), you may pick them up on Sunday, December 5th at 141 Dodgingtown Rd Bethel, CT. anytime between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. If you need items shipped, hand-delivered, or pick-up at a different time/date, please contact Linda at

*Virtual Gala Information*

 What is the best way to view the Virtual Gala presentation?

The best way to view the event is on a smart TV. Search SCOTTY Fund on Youtube, (I simply say: "Youtube SCOTTY Fund" into my voice remote). This will take you to The SCOTTY Fund Youtube channel. Starting at 7:30 you will have access to the video. (That's 7:30 SHARP!). If you login early you may need to "refresh" your TV/Computer at 7:30 to see the link. It's OK to be a few minutes late.... the video will start from the beginning at the time you login.

What should I expect from the Virtual Gala presentation?
The Gala presentation will be a fun, inspirational, and entertaining experience that will last approximately 30-45 minutes. When the presentation ends you will have plenty of time to get your final bids in!

What is the best way to view the Gala AND bid at the same time?
Watch the Gala on your Smart TV (as stated above) for the best experience, and keep your phone nearby to bid on items! You will receive text messages when you are outbid. Just tap to increase your bid and keep watching the presentation! 

*In-Person Gala Information*

What will it be like at Ethan Allen this year?
As of now, the 2021 Gala is a return to "normal" (with about 100 less people). Cocktail hours/ tree preview starts at 5:00, dinner will be served at 7:30, Auction will close at 9:30, dancing to the Band Charisma until Midnight. We look forward to celebrating 25 years with our friends, family and supporters!

Will all the trees be set up at Ethan Allen?
Absolutely! While you can start bidding early online, December 1st, all the trees will be there to view (and bid online) that evening. We will also have our "Family Trees" and "It takes a Village" displays.

What if the State changes it's mandates and does not allow large indoor gatherings?
We will follow all CDC and State mandates. If a new mandate comes out before the Gala not allowing for large indoor gatherings, we will have to cancel the in-person Gala and move to a Virtual Gala for all. If there is one thing we have all learned from 2020, it's to be flexible and have back-up plans... So, while we are not expecting mandates to change, we have plans to roll with whatever is thrown our way :)

Will there be a discount on Rooms at Ethan Allen?
YES! Ethan Allen is holding a block of rooms for Gala guests at a discounted rate. Rooms must be booked one month in advance (book by November 4) and mention The SCOTTY Fund.

A Note About Keeping Everyone Safe:
Because we will have SCOTTY Fund families with immuno-compromised children attending the Gala and because we don't want anyone to get sick: we are suggesting and encouraging all in-person guests to be either vaccinated, have a negative PCR test, or have anti-bodies from Covid-19. This will be on the honor system, as we know our attendees will be want to adhere to this to keep our SCOTTY Fund families safe.